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Is your situation something like this? (based on real life):

  • SHIFTING GEARS: Educated, “type A” go-getter transitioning in mid-life to wife and mother of small children, running a home AND a C-corp, managing a recently diagnosed health condition, and finding it more than one woman can handle.
  • MOVING ON: Retirees dealing with leavings from vacated tenants, decades of living, making amazing progress by themselves and STILL facing uncertainty about what’s next and how to get there.
  • MANAGING A COLLECTION: A business owner who needs to transport, set up, break down, sort and store her stock in trade—keeping organized and retrievable a large quantity of items ranging from furniture size to palm-of-the-hand size.
  • MANAGING A COLLECTION OF READING MATERIALS: Voracious readers amassing reading material faster than they can read it, juggling trade-offs among space, time, priorities, keeping current, being thorough, being realistic.


People come to Back In Sorts Organizing Systems when they:

are oppressed by clutter   /   need to downsize   /   need to move     (See Moving tab.)
are drowning in paper and information (See Storage tab.)
are questing the 25-hour day (See GTD on Meet Jane tab.)
are getting $&%$% from other people

“(for Jane it) . . .  isn’t about alphabetizing spices.  It’s about how having a structure can help you.” Emily Harrison Weir, Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly.

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